Tuesday, July 1, 2008

4 Months!

Watching Brooklynn grow up is so subtle to our eyes, but when we look back and see all the earlier pictures of her, it's amazing what she's able to do now and how much bigger she is. Brooklynn has discovered her tongue and is trying different ways to incorporate using it, whether while she's babbling or blowing bubbles or playing with her toys. A new toy she's become fond of are her feet. She loves to hold them in both hands and look at her reflection in the mirror.

Before Brooklynn took to her feet, she found that sucking on her fingers helped her to relax. Specifically, her middle and ring finger. Here's a quick video of how this helped put herself to sleep!

Brooklynn's head control is much more stable now and she prefers to be standing (with support) or sitting up rather than lying down or reclining. We recently sat her in her new high chair, a recent gift from her Auntie Sue, Uncle Marcus and cousin Jadyn. Brooklynn really enjoys sitting with us while we're eating and has taken to mimicing our chewing motion. Of course, her version involves sticking out her tongue as much as possible. We'll find out soon whether this will pose any issues with food going in once she starts to eat sold food.

A little over a week ago, Nancy had Brooklynn in her chair in the kitchen and thought she could entertain herself with a wooden spoon while Nancy started working on dinner. Well, Brooklynn entertained us all. After holding the spoon and examining it, she suddenly smacked herself on the forehead with it and caught herself by surprise. Nancy couldn't contain herself and started to laugh. Brooklynn looked up at Nancy, still trying to figure out what happened. Watching her mom laugh started to make her laugh. Brooklynn giggled so hard, she wacked herself again! And so it snowballed and I tried to catch the rest of the escapade on film:

Finally, here's some 4 month shots of Brooklynn. Enjoy!