Friday, November 28, 2008

1st Thanksgiving

Brooklynn's first Thanksgiving is being spent in Indiana and Kentucky. Last Saturday we flew up to Indianapolis to stay with Grandmama and Grandpapa Clark. Brooklynn was all packed up and ready for travel with her giraffe backpack that she got from her Auntie Sue.

That evening after we arrived, Brooklynn had a bath before bedtime in the laundry room tub. Auntie Kimberly let Brooklynn play with one of her childhood bath toys...a My Little Pony seahorse. Brooklynn enjoyed chewing on the hair the most.

Keeping the cousins apart is like holding two magnets near each other and expecting them to stay put...even when one of them is supposed to be sitting at the table and eating...

On Monday, we were visited by Brooklynn's Great Granny Helen and Great-Great Aunt Edith. On Tuesday morning, we went out to breakfast with them before they had to head back to Kentucky. Brooklynn is very blessed to have such a large extended family that loves her.

On Thanksgiving day, we traveled down to Kentucky to visit the Clark side of the family where Brooklynn met her Great Grandmother and Great Granddaddy Clark. Brooklynn is their first Great Granddaughter.

Nancy and Kimberly made some special Thanksgiving desserts. The arrangement is actually a tribute to a song that select members of the Clark family have sung called "A Turkey Sat on a Backyard Fence". We'll have to post a performance later.

Later that same evening, we went to Cracker Barrel where Brooklynn met her Great Uncle Carl, Great Aunt Sharon and second cousin Leesha. I think the kids were more hungry then that adults were...

Although not widely publicized, Santa made an early stop in Indianapolis and dropped off some presents for the kids. Brooklynn enjoyed the festivities so much, she broke into singing carols...LOL

Tommorrow we head back home. The week has flown by and we wish everyone was closer so we could visit longer and more often.

Next week, Brooklynn will have her 9 month appointment and I'm sure some new pictures too!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Not the momma....

I am so blessed with my family. I love my family dearly, but when Brooklynn cries and she only wants me or when Piggy is trying to curl up in the one space I have to myself on the bed and the dishes and laundry start to pile up- not to mention all the feedings and cleanings...I find myself a bit worn out.(Piggy likes to eat grass or small crawling things and then spit it back out, usually on the carpet or my clean laundry-bleck) but then moments like the one pictured above remind me why I love being the momma.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

8 Months

Brooklynn is 8 months old today. She's flying through the baby milestones. Brooklynn started crawling a few days before she turned 7 months old and now she cruises along like she's been doing it her whole life. At 35 weeks old now, she can take alternating steps if someone is holding her hands, pulls herself up to a standing position when she's near furniture or a coffee table and claps her hands in response to praise.

Brooklynn's two bottom teeth have come all the way through and you can catch a glimpse of them sometimes when she smiles. She's responding to her name more and she'll even come crawling towards you sometimes when you call for her. She still likes for one of us to be near by when she's playing. She'll even call for one of us sometimes. It sounds like she's saying "Hey!".

Last Thursday, Nancy and I went and voted early for the 2008 elections. We thought we'd be in and out of there, but it turned out we waited in line for 1 1/2 hours! Brooklynn took it all in stride though. She entertained everyone in line with her laughing and squealing.