Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 months +

We have been so busy this month we are a little late with our 6 month post. We had Brooklynn's 6 month wellness check on September 3rd. She measured in at 25.5 inches (50% percentile) 15 pounds and 3 ounces (25-50%) and her head was 40.1 cm (10-15%). At the beginning of the month she was rocking back and forth, getting ready to crawl. Now she can scoot herself forward. She can also get her legs straight up to move her feet forward. She was also cutting her first tooth. We could feel it, but were not able to see it. Now, you can see her tooth on the left side sticking out through her gums. Of course, we're too serious to smile and show it...

Brooklynn has been watching Christopher and I eat and reaching out for everything. I had been letting her gum on my apple slices, but one day she actually bit off a piece. I took it away to put it in a teething bag for her. Now, Brooklynn has never really cried other than being wet, hungry or dirty. She was very upset when I took away her apple. I will have Christopher put up the video and you can see for yourself. With the presence of a tooth, we gave Brooklynn some rice cereal to see how she does.

We took another picture with Luc and Ally. Luc had been out of town all Summer, so it had been awhile since all three have been together.

We also got a visit from Brooklynn's cousin during Hurricane Ike. They lost power for 12 days and stayed with us. Brooklynn picked up a few things while Rylen was here such as how to turn on her music cube and how to bang legos together.

She also had a friend in the car that made it easier to fall asleep.

Last Saturday, we hosted a get-together with the other families that were in our home birth group. It had been about 4 months since we had seen each other.

Having her fall asleep next to you never gets old.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hey, this isn't my cowboy hat...

I wanted to write and celebrate. Brooklynn has learned to use the potty!

These are some pictures we took when we opened the new chair. Coco thought it looked like a hat.

I know she is only six months and we don't expect her to use the potty every time or at night, but it is sure exciting when she does. I do love using cloth diapers with her and I wouldn't change, but the laundry is enough to drive me crazy. I think to myself as I fill the washer "..didn't I just wash these yesterday?!?" So for her to use the potty chair and only use two diapers the whole day is something to celebrate.

Christopher's mom (yay momma) got us a book with our first pregnancy that had child training tips, one being about potty training from birth. The author learned it while on a mission trip. She taught it to her youngest. Intrigued, I searched the Internet and found out more. Others have done this successfully and I thought it was worth trying.

Well, I didn't follow the points exactly, but I did what I could and it is working! Brooklynn used her potty chair 3 times on Tuesday and three times on Wednesday!! Yay Brooklynn.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On the Move...

I can't believe how the time flies by each day. Brooklynn has had numerous adventures since we last posted. Her 2nd cousin Stacy from CA was here to visit. We got to play and Stacy spoke some Korean to her. Then we had Grandmama (Alice) visiting. Brooklynn got lots of love from her Grandmama... and the big kids did too :) Alice made us Granny's homemade chili-yum! Momma and Grandmommy had fun shopping for Brooklynn and cousin Rylen.

Brooklynn is growing like a weed. She is on target on her development chart. She has been transferring objects from one hand to the other. When she wakes up now, she rolls over and pushes up. Then she will start rocking on her knees and getting up on her toes and hands. In the last few days she has been creeping or lunging forward, but going backwards seems to be her most productive mode of transportation. Imagine my surprise when I put her down (in the middle of the living room) on her back to make a phone call and came back to find her under the coffee table behind her!