Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brooklynn had her 9 month appointment on December 3. She weighed in at 16 lbs and 2 oz. She was 26 inches long and her head was 42 cm. She's in the 10-25 percentile for height and weight and the 10th percentile for head size. The doctor was impressed with her development. Brooklynn has started to wave to people when they say hi or bye to her and she also is babbling as if she is having a conversation. The pediatrician got to see her grab my hands and check out the office-he seemed to think she'll be walking soon. She just started using a push walker that her cousin Jadyn let her borrow. She can get going pretty fast (especially when Daddy is chasing her) and is already learning to slow it down by standing on her toes. She is having a little trouble figuring out reverse when she bumps into something though.

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RK&R said...

Brooklynn and Rylen have almost the same stats for this month. She is a pound smaller, though. That's good for a girl. HA! Once the walking begins, though, the cabinets become playground material. So, WATCH OUT! Love you all!