Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Okay, we have not blogged in a while so I will try and catch up...

We went to the farmer's market with our friends Zach an Jessica. They have 2 dogs, Pancho and Paloma. Pancho came with us to the farmer's Market. Brooklynn was not too happy. I think she heard not to trust a skinny Santa :) She cried at first when Pancho licked her hand in the car seat, but she warmed up to him after walking around the market some. we met Santa at the market, but Brooklynn wasn't happy to see him. Maybe she knew she shouldn't trust a skinny Santa :)

Brooklyn petting Paloma.

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Kim P. said...

Ryan likes dogs but is a little wary of them. We think it's because he's learned to keep his distance some from Lucy, our cat, and translates that to dogs as well.